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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Americans with knowledge and resources to defend your Constitutionally enumerated right to keep & bear arms.

The firearm, above all weapons known to man, is the great equalizer.  A firearm allows a 90-pound woman to successfully defend herself against the aggressions of a 200-pound man, a single individual to fend off multiple attackers, and a free people to defend their liberty from a tyrannical government.

Your rights are not granted by government. The Bill of Rights lists natural rights that existed prior to establishing the United States government, over which the government has no authority. The Bill of Rights specifically restricts the federal government from encroaching on or attempting to limit these rights, while the People grant only certain powers to the government with the Constitution, retaining all unnamed powers to the states and the People.

Bearing arms is the right upon which all others depend, for so long as government does not attain a monopoly of arms, it cannot deprive citizens of their rights nor force compliance.

Unfortunately, federal and state governments have been assuming powers unto themselves far beyond those agreed upon in our federal and state constitutions, the documents by which We the People CREATED those governments. Decade by decade, politicians and courts chip away at our rights and pretend we gave them more power than we did.

Next Steps…

Like all civil rights, the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms is always only a generation away from being lost. Learn its history, and how you can best protect and exercise your rights.