There are two sides vying for control of America, and they are NOT the republican and democrat parties, which are simply two halves of a whole. The two sides are patriot & traitor, and are separated by irreconcilable differences, primarily because patriots believe in freedom for all, and traitors want nothing less than to exert total domination, demanding compliance and celebration of their deviant ideology.

Patriots will do all possible to protect and defend the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and equal application of justice under the Rule of Law. They will be honest and forthright, and put America and its citizens first. They accept the US Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land, and take an oath to protect and defend it.

Traitors adhering to a socialist & globalist ideology will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals, no matter how it violates the Constitution. Traitors don’t care about citizens’ rights, and are already limiting and censoring speech while infringing on the ability to assemble, to worship, to earn a living, and to protect and defend yourself. Traitors are only concerned with applying the law to their opponents, while giving their own side a pass. Traitors lie and deceive, making false claims and offering false promises. They don’t care if anyone else benefits from their policies, be it citizens or foreign nationals, just so long as the Traitors themselves prosper, and remain in power.  

The traitors’ ultimate goal is authoritarian control of the country under their socialist & globalist ideology, with the United States’ sovereignty subjugated to an alliance of countries and corporations. Visit the World Economic Forum website and research their worldwide plans for a “Great Reset“ to confirm this for yourself.

You can easily determine which side someone is on by the laws & policies they endorse: if the statute or general policy infringes on citizens’ rights, puts foreigners ahead of Americans, negatively impacts Americans’ lives or violates the Constitution, they are Traitors

If you are trying to judge someone based on an upcoming bill they support, don’t EVER believe what a politician, the media or anyone else says a bill does. Don’t believe the name of the bill; names given to bills are loftily-worded sales gimmicks, and usually indicate the opposite of what they do. You will see that yourself, when you read the actual bills.  Read the bill yourself to determine if the person supporting it is a patriot or a traitor.

Actions are the determinative factor. Ideology is a contributing factor, specifically belief in socialism and communism, but actions are the key. As Americans, patriots support absolute freedom of beliefs. You can believe whatever you want, but you cannot force those beliefs on others.

Race, sex, religion and economic status are of no importance when it comes to who is a patriot and who is a traitor. Patriots do not discriminate and we do not pick sides based on color, gender, God or income level.  Those classifications are how the establishment traitors divide America and seek to control us: with identity politics. They foment hate and division, to keep patriots divided and prevent them from uniting against the traitors. You see it every day, all day, from AOC spouting off about virtually non-existent white supremacy*, to Chris Cuomo endlessly talking about threats to the interchangeable “Democracy” or “the collective.” Newsflash, asshole, we are not the Borg, nor do the majority of Americans aspire to establishing socialism here, unlike you. Socialism is antithetical to the Constitution, Independence and America. Socialism is the enemy.

*The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates the total number of white supremacists in the USA at 5,000 to 10,000.

Under our Constitutionally limited democratic republic system of government, we elect people to represent our interests at various levels of local, state and federal government. In an ideal world, these individuals would sponsor, support and vote in favor of laws that benefit those they represent, and vote against bills that would harm their constituents.

Unfortunately, these politicians frequently say whatever it takes to get elected, and conveniently forget their campaign promises once established in office. Individual citizens, organizations and corporations then compete for the politicians’ attention, advocating for their unique causes and special interests, and purchasing favor with campaign contributions, insider information or stock tips, and graft.

Even more unfortunate, we now find ourselves in a post-Constitutional America, where the media spews Globalist propaganda & gaslights the public, and the education system indoctrinates children in sexual deviance & marxism. All while personal accountability has ceased to exist for the politically connected. At the same time, big tech and the social media “public square” censor speech, cancel accounts and deplatform voices that counter the propaganda of the Left. Dissent is punished severely. We endure an America where cancel culture prevails, where exercising the 1st amendment will get you fired, and elections are rigged to ensure outcomes.


On January 7th, 2021, a fraudulent election was certified, and an illegitimate “president elect” was declared. The Republic died that day. There can be no Republic, when free & fair elections to select representatives are replaced by fraud, and the People no longer have a voice in who governs.

America is now a tinpot banana republic. The People hereby withdraw our consent to be governed, as the Constitutional Republic is no more.   We will resist, oppose, obstruct and remove ALL who participated in or assisted with this fraud on the American people.

The few of the living who actually did…

Your votes no longer matter.

Lobby Day, Virginia.

Political office was never intended to constitute a career. Many of the people who pursue lifelong employment in politics are the least effective and most corrupt. While they may have entered the field of politics with the intent of effectuating positive changes, their focus quickly transformed to getting re-elected, remaining in office, and concentrating ever more power unto themselves. That’s not in the Country’s best interests.

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