Useful Information- Varried

Gun Facts and Stats-link

Guncite (Gun control info)- link

FBI Table – Expanded Homicide by Weapon Type 2018 link

FBI NICS Report on Background Checks- link

DOJ Source and Use of Firearms Involved in Crimes- link Firearm Cases- link

Handgun Drills (33 pages of drills!) – pdf

State Laws, Legislature- link

US Code / Federal Law- text

TSA Firearm Info- link

Mother Jones: 30 years of mass shooting data link

Pew Research on Americans Attitudes on Guns link

Ammoland Gun News link

Nancy Pelosi’s Public Statements on Firearms (can search by politician) link

Counter Insurgency Report – food for thought- pdf

Government Reports on Mass Shooters

FBI Report on Active Shooters view

Secret Service NTAC Reports on Mass Shootings and Related Content view

Second Amendment Advocacy Groups


Virginia Citizens Defense League

Maryland Shall Issue

2nd Amendment Foundation

Arizona Citizens Defense League

Firearms Policy Coalition

The ever-reliable N.R.A. link

Leftwing Research, Strategy, Game Plans

The Case for Banning Assault Weapons

Giffords Leaked Red Flag Law Playbook

BeautifulTrouble.Org Leftwing Playbook Leftwing Tactics (civil disobedience, flash mobs, street action, blockade, media jacking, phone banking, eviction blockade, infiltration, and wow, more)

Resistance Webinars (watch their webinar training to anticipate how they will behave and understand how they think)

Moms want Action / Everytown Research Spin

Frequently Asked Questions, aka, FAQ

This is where you’ll find answers to the most common questions that site visitors might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like Boog etiquette, battle rattle, and viral memetic warfare. We want all our visitors’ questions addressed, from the alphabet agency steppers to the millenial basement lurking soy boys posing as “scientific meme investigators”. And yup, even regular folks.

Now you know. Well… not really. Once you access the rest of the site, however, that’ll be quite a hootenanny!

What’s your return policy?

We don’t sell anything. We just provide information. And illumination. There are some links to products on the SWAG page, which take you to a variety of companies who each have their own policies.

When is the Boogaloo? 

If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand. 

Oh, wait! You said “when”. I’m sorry. My apologies. I thought you said “what”. There are so many of those people, I can’t even…

Are we really in a state of memetic warfare or just at the tipping point? 

We are most assuredly at the probable tipping point of what some might say is memetic warfare.

How are Boojihadeen organized? 

They keep their socks in a sock drawer, and boxers in an underwear drawer. However, it must be said that a few wear skivies (those tighty whities of yesteryear) or “boxer briefs” (snug boxers), and females of the species wear very nice silk panties, or thongs … sometimes. Only the extremely worthy will ever know which. (Or which honnies go commando)

Do I get a participation trophy? 

No! It pays to win. Only winners get trophies. Stop crying.

Do boogaloo memes really take the place of drill instructors? Can they teach me how to be a shooter?

Did you seriously just ask those questions? No! Of course not. Boogaloo Memes are jokes that make fun of a civil war we hope never happens, and of alphabet government agencies that drive us ever closer to one with their authoritarian measures and violations of civil rights.

Do you have customer service?

Of course (not)! But if we did, our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps would be available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

How viral is the viral insurgency? 

You’ve heard of WuFlu? The coronavirus? Yeaahh, it’s not anything like that.

There is no viral insurgency. Some dudes with PhD’s (picture Obama Soy Boy man-children in flannel feet pajamas) got a lot of tax dollars to put on their tinfoil conspiracy hats and crank out a wordy report that falsely equated average American gun owners with Nazi Atomwaffen and white supremacist nationalist freaks. It further claimed to uncover intricate organization, communication & training by way of meme. MSN made the same false Nazi/ racist allegations when it highlighted the report, and joined the report authors in disparaging the 22,000+ attendees of the January 20, 2020 VCDL Lobby Day in Virginia.

They got it all wrong. Memes are jokes, reacting to and poking fun at Leftwing idiocy and overreach, as well as meme creators themselves. There’s no gigantic collectivist group communicating, strategizing and training via meme. While there might be a few dozen white supremacist Nazi-types about, if they’re even making memes, their contribution is insignificant. The boogaloo is a civil war no one wants. But a war that authoritarian Leftists in government may very well set off by violating our civil rights.

And as for the Lobby Day folks being a bunch of racists, well, what do you think? Do these look like white supremacists? Or Americans, who value their civil right to bear arms?