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Click either Senator or Representative to look up phone numbers, addresses and a means to email them. Phone calls are most effective (and tie up staff so are impossible to ignore), followed by snail mail, then twatter, flakebook or other social media, and least effective is email.

Be prepared to receive an impersonal canned response that only tangentially addresses the issue, but know that their interns handling interactions with the public will compile data on how many requests they receive on each concern, and advise their politician which way the public and the wind is blowing…

Remove SBR’s from the NFA and end the unconstitutional tax stamp and registration process! Call or write Congress with the following:

“Please sponsor or cosponsor a Senate bill to mirror H.R. 173: Home Defense and Competitive Shooting Act of 2023, removing short barreled rifles from the NFA and requiring BATFE to expunge all records of previously registered SBR’s from the NFA registry.

These firearms are no more dangerous than any other, and since 20 million or more are CITIZEN-owned, they are in common use thus not “dangerous and uncommon”, the requirement stated for the NFA. Per SCOTUS, this means they are protected by the second amendment, and the NFA is unconstitutionally infringing on our rights by assessing what amounts to a poll tax on them, in addition to excessive months long wait times and registration.

Please work to pass the bill this year. Thank you.”

Biden has been protected by these same guns for 50 years, but he does not want citizens to have the capability of using them to defend ourselves, which we do on average 3 million times per year. What a hypocrite!

Dementia Joe is demanding a vote to ban so-called assault weapons and apparently all semi-automatics.

Tell Congress to say “Hell NO, Joe”

Phone script: “I am calling to ensure you vote against this absurd ban on the most popular and commonly used weapons in America, and the standard magazines that come with them. Any proposed bill to ban firearms in common use is blatantly unconstitutional, and is also outside the scope of Congressional authority, as the Supreme Court has declared REPEATEDLY. Do I have your assurance you will vote against this violation of my civil rights?” If they say yes, thank them and wish them a good day. If they say no, ask them “Are you aware the public use firearms an average of 3 million times per year to defend our lives and property? You’re voting to ban our most popular choice, so I see you don’t value our lives. Thanks for unveiling yourself.”

Call Congress, request they use oversight to investigate BATFE & cancel proposed rules 2021R-05 and 2021R-08.

Talking points when you call: 1) Both proposed ATF rules usurp congressional authority, rewrite the law & must be cancelled; 2) As written the rules will classify Nerf guns as firearm receivers, meaning kids will need background checks and Toys ‘R’Us will need a federal firearms license; 3) The manner by which BATFE redefines the word “readily”will allow them to reclassify ALL firearms as machine guns, and ban them; 4) If their proposals are added to the federal registry, 10-40 million Americans will turn into criminals overnight, most for pistols the ATF said they could use with braces.

Click here to contact Congress regarding the BATFE’s unconstitutional attempt to outlaw form 1 kits and solvent traps, making form 1 suppressor building more expensive and difficult. Link takes you to another site with a form that auto mails Congress.

Write Congress Now! Consider this a fire mission, effective for all of March & April of 2022. Copy and paste the letter below in whole or in part as a snail mail, email, or letter to the editor. Keep sending it weekly until you get a result or response!

Dear Representative or Senator,

The BATFE is attempting to rewrite the law with proposed rules, criminalizing currently lawful behavior and violating our civil rights.

The bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (BATFE) is moving forward on two proposed rules which unlawfully usurp Congressional authority by redefining language in the statutes you wrote. The agency presumes authority to redefine words such as “firearm, rifle, pistol, complete silencer, readily, receiver” and others.  These apparently simple changes would turn millions of law abiding Americans into felons overnight!  

BATFE will claim it is entitled to “Chevron deference”, *** and is simply clarifying some issues left unaddressed by Congress, but it is not, since Congress has already clearly defined the meaning of these words in statute.  

The rule changes by BATFE will criminalize what is currently lawful behavior, and make continued possession of legally purchased property a felony. In short, the proposed rules will turn 10-40 million Americans into felons the moment they hit the Federal Register (estimate by Congressional Research Service).   Americans have manufactured, sold, purchased and used braced pistols as a direct result of opinion letters the BATFE issued, which will now make them criminals. The agency is revoking its own policies that have been in place for over a decade without providing any explanation, ignoring the fact that one is required by law.

The BATFE’s revised definition of “readily” will even allow the agency to reclassify AR-15’s and all other semi-automatic weapons as machine guns.  Their reimagining of “receiver” will classify nerf guns as firearms subject to background checks, and force Lowes, Home Depot and Toys’R’Us to register as Federal Firearm Licensed dealers (FFL’s).  Any six-inch pipe will be grounds for arrest for an unregistered silencer, and presumed intent makes virtually anything a gun part according to the proposals.

These two rule changes (2021R-05 and 2021R-08) must be cancelled, and similar actions blocked.

Thank you for your attention to these pressing matters of 2nd amendment civil rights and the BATFE’s criminal violations of the law.  Please instruct the BATFE to cancel the two pending rules before they are finalized this summer, as they needlessly criminalize harmless law abiding behavior and property, while doing nothing at all to diminish violent crime.

Sincerely, You

***There is an additional reason this rulemaking is not entitled to Chevron deference in the first place: agencies are NEVER permitted to alter criminal law. As stated by Judge Karen Batchelor of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in GOA v. Garland, “But in 2014, the Court said, “we have never held that the Government’s reading of a criminal statute is entitled to any deference.” United States v. Apel, 571 U.S. 359, 369 (2014)(emphasis added) (citing Crandon v. United States, 494 U.S. 152, 177 (1990) (Scalia, J.,concurring in the judgment)). “Never” and “any” are absolutes, and the Court did not draw any distinctions, nor add any qualifiers, or identify any exceptions.

Dear DEMOCRAT &/or GUN GRABBER Representative or Senator,

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) is usurping Congressional authority and must be stopped.  The unintended consequences could come back to bite us really hard.

The Constitution established the federal government and created a specific and structured balance of power, distributed between three branches: the President, the Congress and the Judiciary.  Congress legislates; no one but Congress legislates.  The president can issue executive orders, but those aren’t laws.  Executive orders merely tell executive branch employees how to carry out a law that Congress has already passed.  

Nowhere in the Constitution is the BATFE mentioned, much less is the agency from the executive branch given authority to write or rewrite laws.  Yet that is exactly what they’re doing!  BATFE has taken it upon themselves to rewrite the National Firearms Act (NFA) and the Gun Control Act (GCA) by submitting pending rules to the federal registry.  They are rewriting the laws to help them win court cases they’ve been having problems with, against gun owners.   It appears they’ve been prosecuting people for what they want the law to say instead of what the law actually says.

So now they’re changing the definitions of all kinds of words you already defined in statute, like “rifle”, “firearm”, “receiver” and “suppressor”.  The result of the rule change for gun control and Democrats might be good, but we cannot ignore the bigger picture.  BATFE doesn’t get to just pretend it is Congress and change the meaning of words previously defined in statute.  How would this affect Democrats under the next president if agencies reinterpreted a few laws, bypassed Congress, and gave a Republican President some wins he was seeking…

What if the IRS did the same, and reimagined the tax law to mean it would be better to pause the estate tax?  Or to use prosecutorial discretion to let the president’s pet CEO’s skate with no income tax?  If you let BATFE do this, what’s to stop a future GOP president from rewriting statutory language on abortion through the regulatory agencies?

Please stop the BATFE, and direct them to cancel rule changes (2021R-05 and 2021R-08).  Remind them only Congress gets to write the laws.  If they have some suggestions, they should pass those along,  and you’ll take them under advisement.  


(Your name and signature)

Below is the previous letter from February, 2022, which still applies and can be sent until the digital list is destroyed, batfe agents and supervisors prosecuted, and NFA penalties are reflective of a normal tax.

Dear Representative or Senator,

The BATFE is out of control, violating numerous laws, and must be brought to heel.

Please note the BATFE has again violated the 1986 FOPA and the 1941 Property Requisition Act that both outlaw the creation of a national firearms registry or firearm owners database.  This is the second time in 20 years they have criminally violated the law.  This data must be destroyed and all agents and leadership responsible must be prosecuted and imprisoned.  Correcting the problem alone will not suffice.  Accountability is required.

“While the ATF denies that these records are used to track gun owners, it transfers hard copies of the information into a searchable digital database that it says is used to trace firearms tied to crimes. The ATF reported that 865,787,086 of the records are already in a digital format.”   Digitizing the data into a searchable database is admitted and a clear violation of the law.

Further, the penalties for NFA violations of 10 years/$250,000 for failure to pay a $200 tax constitute cruel and unusual punishment, and do not even remotely follow the schedule of penalties for tax payment delinquency.   How can these penalties be justified, when IRS employees collectively owe hundreds of thousands (if not millions) in back taxes, yet are still employed and receiving annual bonuses?  When citizens who owe millions are not even sentenced to a day in prison, but are offered opportunities to pay pennies on the dollar of the tax owed, the current punishment for NFA tax delinquency is unquestionably criminally cruel and unusual.

The penalties for failing to register an NFA item and pay the $200 tax must be reduced to realistic and equitable IRS penalties that follow any other failure to pay a tax.  Finally, as short barreled rifles and suppressors are owned in sufficient numbers to be considered “in common use” (140,000 or more per SCOTUS’ Caetano), both should immediately be removed from the NFA registration requirements.

Thank you for your attention to these pressing matters of 2nd amendment civil rights and the BATFE’s criminal violations of the law.


Visit the websites for Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America and your states’ Citizens Defense League. Sign up for their email alerts, and when you get their emails, sign onto the letters to Congress telling them to oppose infringements on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms. If there is a protest or rally in your area, ATTEND IT. Show up, be loud, and be heard. Make sure those who govern know they do so ONLY WITH OUR CONSENT.

If you attend a protest, pro-2nd amendment or pro-freedom rally and expect police presence, go prepared!

As we have seen time and time again, police will sometimes treat even peaceful protesters with aggression and violence, sometimes in an effort to initiate a violent response. This tactic is employed to create camera-ready moments for the Left, the main stream media (their propaganda arm and PR team) and the gun grabbers. If they can photograph or film pro-freedom demonstrators partaking in violence against police, even simply self-defense, they will use it to create a narrative that protestors instigated violence.

Knowing this, be prepared to be pushed, gassed, pepper sprayed, having your hearing impaired via LRAD, blinded and discombobulated with flash bangs, and more! Pack a small backpack with the following:

  • ear plugs or muffs,
  • safety goggles (preferably those that seal),
  • a small carton of milk,
  • water bottles,
  • bike or climbing helmet,
  • an umbrella to shield you from pepper spray,
  • a gas mask / respirator,
  • an IFAK (individual first aid kit).

Optional advanced equipment if severe action by the police is expected would include items such as body armor, sports pads (football/lacrosse/hockey), a traffic cone to isolate gas canisters, a leaf blower to counter gas or smoke, a bite-guard, and a shield.