Gun free zones are the most ridiculous and idiotic proposition in the history of mankind.  

The imbecile who proposed this policy (Joe “dirty diaper” Biden), and every fool who supports it, cannot possibly be so naive as to believe that a vile, evil person who is intent on committing MURDER will be prevented from doing so, simply because a sign nearby says “no guns allowed”!

Gun free zones guarantee victims.  Period.

Gun free zones ONLY disarm law abiding citizens, those least likely to commit violence or participate in a crime, while having no effect whatsoever on criminals.  Worse, compliance with the law transforms all those law abiding citizens into defenseless victims, and courteously announces this fact to every criminal nearby.  Politicians apparently work for muggers, rapists and murderers now, as they are enabling the criminals, granting them a monopoly on force.

It is no coincidence that over 90% of mass shootings take place in “gun free zones”.  Politicians should be charged as accomplices for every act of criminal violence that occurs in a “gun free zone”, as they have legislatively disarmed the citizens and left them at the mercy of the criminals.